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Oakly posted Oct 27, 18

ey guys join us at /server skyblock 1.8 - 1.13.2

thanks bye

also premier keys are added to the shop for skyblock so yeahahahha buy that too

(and get a rank while you're at it, they're 50% off and the ranks offer different perks on different modes, like more worldedit stuff on creative and flying on your island in skyblock :oooo)

our dear friend NegusDong will be making new images for the shop soon i think he thinks we thinks

It's time!

Oakly posted Oct 20, 18

Heyo! Little update. Today, a lil birdy told me that the server had a hub. I didn't believe it so I went on and saw for myself - there was indeed a hub.

Anyway, BossmanCentral has been planning this for the past week or so and we have successfully converted the server into a network!

The hub supports Minecraft versions 1.8 to 1.13.1, factions supports 1.9 to 1.13.1, creative will support 1.13.1 only (to allow for new blocks to be used), skyblock should support 1.8 to 1.13.1.

Join our Discord at for more timely updates.

EDIT: Creative is now up! Running fresh 1.13.1.

P.S. The little birdy also told me ranks and keys are 50% off until 4th November! Insane.

Server up?

Oakly posted Oct 1, 18

Yes! Now with support from 1.9 to 1.13.1.

For best performance, stick to 1.12.2. The server runs that.

We've updated to 1.12.2 for stability. Everything runs a lot smoother now and we are not expecting anymore crashes from player connections. I will still be monitoring as it goes.

Server IP:

Come join us!


Oakly posted Oct 1, 18

So... if you're wondering, the server did crash during launch.


Well, a whole 18 hours later, we still don't know the cause.

However, we have tried swapping plugins, even swapping factions, but none seem to fix the issue.

Then why didn't you fix this before releasing?? I'm disappointed.

Yeah, well, I can reassure you that I'm more disappointed than you are. I really wanted the launch to be a success. In the end, we spent 2 whole hours trying to fix the issue but to no avail. This issue only appeared after more than 15 people logged onto the server at the same time.

Our network developer has done some research and apparently this issue is common within 1.8.8 servers.

So is the server up??

As of writing this post, yesHowever, I am unable to guarantee stability.

How are you going to prevent this from happening again?

Well, there's no full solution until more people start joining. Currently, I have switched the server over to PaperSpigot in an effort to optimize the server. The server has 32 GB RAM allocated, and as PaperSpigot is a more optimized, patched fork of Spigot, it should in theory run better. Hopefully, this will allow the server to stay up despite more players connecting at the same time.

But what if the server crashes again?

Don't worry. I'll be monitoring the server for another 5 to 6 hours, and if the crash occurs again, we will evaluate our options.

Thank you for your patience. Be sure to join the Discord server at the top right above for live updates.


Nonovine posted Sep 30, 18

Hey everyone! We've finally re-launched.

Join the Discord by going to the Discord section at the top!

A few quick notes:

  • Abusing an exploit instead of reporting it is permanently bannable
  • XRAY, including xray texture packs, is permanently bannable
  • A full rule list will be published very shortly.
  • Obsidian takes 10 hits of TNT.
  • /warp shop for the shop, /warp crates for the crates.
  • /f create <name> to create a faction for $100.
  • Killing a player will have a 50% chance of dropping their skull.
  • /ah to open up auction house.
  • Killing a mob will have a 10% chance of dropping their skull.
  • Mining a spawner with silk touch will have a 50% chance of dropping that spawner.