If you genuinely believe a member of staff are abusing their powers - report it to an Admin or above with proof of abuse or a reason for investigation.

There is to be NO:- Advertising (unless you are advertising your faction)
- Blackmail, death/rape/DDoS/Doxxing threats

- Discriminatory (Racial, Anti-Semitic etc) slurs or attacks

- Staff disrespect

- Hacking, exploiting, abuse of exploits. If you know of these, please report them to staff.

- Ban or mute evasion through alt accounts

- Lag machines. They will be destroyed and you may be punished

- Faction names that go against the global chat rules [excessive swearing, Discriminatory slurs]

(these will be disbanded by admins with no notice)

- Factions with more than 1/2 of the accounts made up of alts will get disbanded unless changed with 24h notice given.

-Hackusations must not be made in public chat, instead they must be sent to Admins or above with reasonable evidence or suspicion

-Extreme Toxicity in general

-Abuse of /report


-Inappropriate builds

-Do not accuse staff of abuse in general chat, message an Admin or above with sufficient evidence of the abuse or a reason for investigation

Staff's word is final, in particular high staff. By playing the server, you agree to the rules and acknowledge that the rules can be modified [as they will be, to be extended]. Mute and Ban appeals can be filed in the forums, do not DM staff members on the Discord. Harassment of staff will result in a permanent ban with no possibility of an unban.
Chargebacks will result in a permanent ban regardless of the outcome. Use common sense. There is no such thing as an "unlawful" punishment if it is deemed suitable by high staff.
if an action is deemed punishable by a member of staff, it is not necessary for it to be listed in the rule list unless a higher staff decides it's not punishable


First chat offense = 5min mute.
Second chat offense = 10min mute.
Third chat offense = 15min mute
After a third mute is administered, it is up to the staff member online's discretion on how long a mute should be based on the players behaviour.

Afk machines or pools and Lag machines (depending on the severity) will be deleted and warned, if built multiple times by the same player, player will be banned.
Hacking or exploiting is an instant perm ban.