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(UPDATED) Krippe_ staff application

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Minecraft Name: Krippe_

Discord Name: Krippe#3835

Age: 16

Country & Time Zone: Sweden, GMT+01:00

Why do you want to be a member of the staff team?: Why I want to be a part of the staff team is to help with stuff that happens in chat on the minecraft server, when someone are being rude to players I want to be there fixing the issue and ask why this person feel that way for another player or j ust why they are like this. I want to help in the discord more than I can right now, I want to get rid of all these toxic people that joins the server just to be rude/toxic.

Why should we hire you instead of others?: I got experience with moderate, like all the commands and why I should do this/that way in this kind of case. I think I'm good enough for being more than a member in this community and I want to help out and get the server being as big as it was before when I first joined it.

Have you been banned or muted before?:Nope , I have never been muted or banned before

What experience do you have?: Like I said, I have experience with moderating on a server, I can all the commands and in what case I should/need to use them.

Are you active on the discord?: Yes, I have the discord channel on my other screen almost all the time when I'm sitting by my computer

Additional Comments:
I have nothing more to say 
other than I hope I get in the staff team

(This is the updated one with more detail)
Posted Dec 24, 18 · OP
excellent, wish you the best of luck. you deserve it
Posted Dec 24, 18
We are reviewing this application please don't think that we have ignored you
Posted Jan 4, 19