ABushyFox has temporarily stepped down as the Owner for about 2-3 weeks due to exams. In his place, Me and @[Co Owner] ⇸ The__Beatle have stepped up as Owner and Co Owner respectively. We wish for your patience and respect during this time, as i believe we deserve that. Now here is the main change we wish to impliment:


All this means is that the server will closed, however it will still be alive and well. This is to preserve money, as this server is very, very expensive to run! This way, we can rebuild our player base, without worrying about our host shutting down at any point. We still need the go-ahead from a few people, but its the best solution. We are considering many options on how to revive our player base, which we are going to debate and put down to all of you. This is pretty much all i can say currently. Also, we will be reforming and reinforcing the rules once again, and clamping down on it heavily now.