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By Oakly - Posted Oct 1, 18

So... if you're wondering, the server did crash during launch.


Well, a whole 18 hours later, we still don't know the cause.

However, we have tried swapping plugins, even swapping factions, but none seem to fix the issue.

Then why didn't you fix this before releasing?? I'm disappointed.

Yeah, well, I can reassure you that I'm more disappointed than you are. I really wanted the launch to be a success. In the end, we spent 2 whole hours trying to fix the issue but to no avail. This issue only appeared after more than 15 people logged onto the server at the same time.

Our network developer has done some research and apparently this issue is common within 1.8.8 servers.

So is the server up??

As of writing this post, yesHowever, I am unable to guarantee stability.

How are you going to prevent this from happening again?

Well, there's no full solution until more people start joining. Currently, I have switched the server over to PaperSpigot in an effort to optimize the server. The server has 32 GB RAM allocated, and as PaperSpigot is a more optimized, patched fork of Spigot, it should in theory run better. Hopefully, this will allow the server to stay up despite more players connecting at the same time.

But what if the server crashes again?

Don't worry. I'll be monitoring the server for another 5 to 6 hours, and if the crash occurs again, we will evaluate our options.

Thank you for your patience. Be sure to join the Discord server at the top right above for live updates.