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Long time no see!

By Oakly - Posted Jan 1, 19

Hi guys!

Sorry for the inactivity on here, but as I said before, we're more active on the Discord server than here (for announcements anyway).

So to sum up what has happened:
I will not be active due to studies, but will periodically come on to fix things that break.

We have switched to a web panel, meaning that admins have basic control over the servers and can restart servers if necessary, and Bushy doesn't have to cry each time he has trouble getting into Console. This is also the cause of the 1 - 2 day downtime (depending on the different servers, Prisons came up last and Proxy / Hub came up first).

While everything has been migrated, please do report any issues to us on the Discord server or through the forums.


P.S. Creative is still facing issues after the recent plot update.

Summary of this issue is on the Discord server.